Tools for the invisible Hand.

Tools for the Invisible Hand

We are a network of entrepreneurs, technologists and adventurers. We love markets and web based technologies that accelerate velocity in them.


What We Do

Abaxx technologies is dedicated to the Commoditization of Trust™. Through the development and deployment of trust enabling internet protocols, (our tools) Abaxx is accelerating commerce and reducing exposure to risk in Exchanges and Marketplaces with an initial focus on energy and commodity markets.

We solve business problems in industries and asset classes laden with inefficiencies where our technology and partners are capitalizing for our shareholders.
— Zack Bennett, Abaxx Founder & CEO
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How We Do It


Abaxx Singapore is local partnership for the development next generation commodity trading technologies initially focused on LNG and the Asian market.


Argos. A decentralized network technology to encapsulate and deliver a secure and self-sovereign digital representation of you.

Operem. Unlocks liquidity in the Intellectual Property industry, leveraging open data stores and machine learning tools to facilitate more efficient licensing processes and smart licensing contracts.  The Operem Exchange is in development to facilitate trade of the economic interest in licenses created on the Operem platform.


Crowd Source. The first and only financially regulated digital real estate investment platform in the Middle East and North Africa.


Pasig & Hudson. A fintech specialist, P & H is pioneer in global digital payment processing systems and networks.



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